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One Signup A Day Strategy   

How I Generated One Signup A Day For My Business

In 2008, I joined a leads generation system called LeadsLeap. At that time, this system generated an average of 1 signup a day for the business that I was promoting.
Soon I got to know the founder, Kenneth Koh, through a few support correspondences. He encouraged me to write a report to talk about my experience with LeadsLeap.
Hence, the 'One Signup A Day' report was born.
Time flies. Businesses rise and fall. Many popular leads generation systems back then are now no longer seen.
But LeadsLeap continues to flourish, and my network in LeadsLeap continues to grow, even though I haven't promoted it for years.
In this updated report, I'll share with you what LeadsLeap has done for me over the years.
I'll also share with you my experience in getting clicks and how I convert clicks into signups.
At the end of this report, you will also learn how you can use this report to help you achieve the same result for your business.

What 'Was' LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap was started in 2008 as a 10-level leads generation system. At that time, most leads generation system worked by allowing members to email their leads. Kenneth reckoned that such a system is not sustainable, hence he started LeadsLeap.
Instead of sending email promotions to leads, LeadsLeap members post Adword-like ad in the newsletters sent to their 10 levels of leads.
If you are wondering if LeadsLeap approach is better, check out the following comments that I've extracted from a poll conducted by the company.
Kenneth, your initial idea and methodology was like a lightbulb suddenly turned on, blacking out the other superfluous-list-email-mongers.
Continue to offer value content to us and we will continue to share your site with our own clients.
I don't think people realise the value of this system.
100's of email in your inbox is not good.
The best thing about LeadsLeap is that LeadsLeap help people to see our advertisements and as more people join LeadsLeap your ad will be seen by 1000's.
So if these people signup on your webpage for your products you're gonna have them as customers or newsletter subscribers.
Patrick Judge
What attracted me to LeadsLeap was the system as it is now without the possibilities of unsolicited email which will not get read. I like it as it is.
Andy T
I like the system as is. I joined another leads generation program and I almost regret doing it. My email account everyday is inundated with emails from people about programs I don't have any interest in. I find I spend way too much time, everyday, clearing out my email box because of it. Thanks, but no thanks....Keep it like it is!
Cassandra Reid
Leave a good thing be. One of the major drawbacks of other lead generation programs is the "I'll email you and you email me" mentality. It is not as effective as having my ads being seen by more people at the same time.
Jay Jenkins
Your method attracted me to your system. I have a junk email account where I get emails from safelists, etc. I have no choice with the other systems. Most of that mail never gets read. There has to be a super headline to attract me. With this system I have the choice of two ads, one for my leads and the other for all members since I am a pro member. No more junk mail for me plus traffic that is targeted.
Glenda Williams
From the comments above, you should have realized that many people hate receiving email advertisements. Most of them don't read those emails. It's just a matter of time before they quit such systems.
LeadsLeap's unique way of advertising allows members to view ads as and when they like, without them being bombarded with tons of emails.
The most important thing in any leads generation system is member retention. If we were to build leads, we need to make sure that our leads stay.
LeadsLeap has been doing a good job is retaining its members, including members in my network.

What Is LeadsLeap Now?

Over the years, LeadsLeap kept on evolving and improving. It now provides a lot more values to its members.
1) In addition to getting traffic from only our 10-levels of leads, free members can now get traffic from different sources, within and beyond LeadsLeap network.
2) LeadsLeap is also constantly creating useful and innovative tools that members can use free.
You may be wondering, why does a lead generation system provide free tools?
Let me ask you, "Why does Google provide so many free services?"
User retention!
LeadsLeap's powerful tools keep members coming back to use them.
As a leads builder, it is very important. It means my leads will stay in the system for a long time, and I can reach out to them for years.
3) The new LeadsLeap even includes a PPC scheme where members can make money by sending traffic to other ads.
Again, it is another good news to me.
Anything that can help people to make free money will easily attract lots of members.
With all the values that LeadsLeap is providing, I believe new members will soon realize that LeadsLeap is different from other 'make money programs' out there.

How Has LeadsLeap Worked For Me?

Let me show you a screenshot of my LeadsLeap account so that you can have a better understanding of how LeadsLeap has worked for me.
Below is a screenshot of my 10 levels of leads.
As you can see, I've only personally referred 68 members to join LeadsLeap. But these 68 members exploded into 21,407 members in my 10-levels of network.
Never had I imagined my one-time promotion effort can result in so many free leads, totally on autopilot!
To be honest, I haven't been actively promoting LeadsLeap for many years. But my leads just keep building and I continue to get free traffic from my own network.
Looks like it's impossible to stop, which is great!
Not a LeadsLeap member yet? Join this powerful system here.
In addition to that, I also earn overriding ad credits whenever my 10-levels of members view ads. These credits fuel my Free Ads in LeadsLeap, which is another free source of traffic for me. Honestly, I haven't been clicking ads for a long time!
In terms of referral commissions, I've earned $1036.13 from the system.
Considering that I've only referred 68 members, that works out to an average of $15 per referral. Not bad at all.

My Experience In Getting Clicks

I have tested numerous ads in LeadsLeap over the years and I would like to share with you my two cents' worth.
If the ad is good, I'll receive consistent clicks. But I do not know if an ad is good until I test it and see how many clicks I get.
So my advice to you is don't judge your ad. Roll it out and see how it performs.
Even an ad that gets lesser clicks is still good because these are targeted leads.
To get people to click your ad, you need a headline that grabs people's attention. You can do so by either giving them Pain or Hope.
An example of a headline that instils Pain is "Struggling for traffic?"
An example of a headline that instils Hope is "Get 1000 free leads now"
Then in the description you want to mention how you will solve the Pain and provide the painkiller. Or if it is Hope, you want to explain how or why that hope is achievable.
Getting people to click your ad is one challenge. Another challenge is converting the traffic.
Below I'll share with you my traffic conversion trick.

My Traffic Conversion Trick

First, I always make sure that my ad is relevant to my landing page.
Well, isn't that obvious?
If your ad is "Get 1000 free leads now" but your landing page is something else, it will only confuse the prospects.
Next tip is important.
I direct the traffic to a lead capture page so that I can follow up with them via email and/or phone as well as my auto responder follow-up.
I can't stress enough the need to have a professional hot converting sales funnel with the right follow up in place.
It is a big pain for people in the market place because many either do not have a sales funnel or they do not know the correct procedures for an effective sales funnel.

What Kind Of Ad Should You Advertise?

Another reason why LeadsLeap is generating good leads for me is because the offer I'm promoting is of interest to the members of LeadsLeap.
In general, I believe LeadsLeap members are seeking for 2 things:
1) They are looking for better ways to make money.
2) They are looking for better ways to get traffic.
If you have what they are looking for, you should get good response from LeadsLeap.
Another tip for you is it is better to promote something that is free. It could be a free trial, a free tour, a free signup etc. It is always easier to convert prospects into your list and follow up with them through autoresponders. You stand a better chance to convert them into paying customers.
When people saw my text ad through LeadsLeap, many of them signed up to take a free tour. The system then automatically does the selling and provides trainings to the new signups without me lifting a finger.

My Advice To Those Who've Just Started LeadsLeap

My advice is that you offer LeadsLeap to anyone who needs traffic to their website.
Basically everyone wants more traffic and being able to test out LeadsLeap for free, it's a no brainer. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
After testing it out they have an option to ramp up their traffic with a small upgrade fee which pays for itself via the traffic they get.
But LeadsLeap has quite a few gold nuggets for Internet marketers which they can use to increase traffic. I call it a mini school where you can learn a lot.
Kenneth Koh, the founder of LeadsLeap, is one of the most diligent, genuine and helpful person who is always quick to reply in support and never lets you down if you ever need any question answered or any help at all.
LeadsLeap is now a proven stayer in the market and will be here for many years to come!
Not a member yet? Join LeadsLeap free now

How To Use This Report To Build Your Team At LeadsLeap

This is a candid report of my experience with LeadsLeap and I hope you find it useful.
To help you to build your leads at LeadsLeap, you may rebrand this report and give it away to other people.
If you have a list, you can just give it away to your list. You can also distribute your rebranded report in other traffic exchange networks and IM forums via your signature.
Everyone wants more traffic. This report shows them an easy way to get it.
Simply share this report and see your leads grow automatically and continuously for years, just like me!
If you are already a LeadsLeap member, get your customized report download link here.
Not a LeadsLeap member? Here is an overview of what LeadsLeap can do for you:
1) You can build 10-levels of leads that can 'really' grow exponentially, just like mine.
2) It is not a safelist type of system. Expect no junk email.
3) You can post free ads and get free traffic from within and beyond LeadsLeap network.
4) You will find top-notch tools that you can use to build and grow your online business.
5) You can make money viewing ads and sending traffic to other members' ads. (This is an excellent way to make money for newbies while learning the ropes.)
6) As I said, LeadsLeap is like a mini school where you can learn a lot. Moreover, they are paying you to learn!
Happy leads building… and money making!

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Steps In Starting An Online Business

I have started several online businesses since 2006. One question that I’ve always been asked is, what are the steps in starting an online business. In this article, I will discuss the various steps I would have taken if I were to start another online business. Hope it helps.
1. Come out with a business idea
If there is a formula in creating successful business ideas, I would say it’s Technical + Business knowledge.
Technical knowledge includes specific knowledge relating to your niche as well as general web building know-how. Say if you are interested in scrapbooking, the technical knowledge will include scrapbooking knowledge and web programming skills such as HTML, PHP, Javascript etc.
Business knowledge refers to an understanding of the various strategies that webmasters use to make money from their websites. You can get this knowledge through observation as well as from ebooks and courses.
You don’t need to be an expert in everything, but generally, the more you know, the better your business idea will be. As the saying goes, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. As you build your technical and business knowledge, more and better business ideas will come to you.
You may ask, what makes a good business idea?
Generally a good business idea solves a problem that many people are experiencing. Many of my businesses are created to solve my problem, and I make the system available to other people and make money out of it.
2. Design the USP
USP refers to Unique Selling Proposition. If you are new to this term, simply google it to learn more.
Why is USP important? A strong USP makes it easier for you to make an impact in the market. In business, you need to assume that your prospects have short attention span. If you can’t arouse their interests in 10 seconds, you will lose them. A strong USP, if communicated effectively, will make your prospects think twice about your product.
In fact, having just one USP is not enough. The more USP you can include into your product, the stronger your product will be. You need a strong USP that can quickly engage the prospects, but you should have a few more USPs that can give you more competitive edge over a longer period of time.
3. Determine the traffic sources
Many years back, I spent 3 months developing a website only to realize that I had no idea how to get traffic. The site was ditched as I pursued another more promising business idea.
You may wonder why can’t I just promote the site anyhow? You see, different traffic sources require different preparations. For example, if you want to tap into search engine traffic, you should add a blog or forum to your website. If your intended traffic source is advertising, you should have an opt-in and follow-up system that can convert well. You also need to know exactly where you are going to advertise. If you are aiming for referral traffic, you need a viral system and a good reward program. Everything has to be thought out before you start building the website.
4. Determine the income sources
Are you going to make money from advertising or you are selling a product? Is the sale a one-off income or it’s recurring? If it is one-off, do you have any other recurring income sources?
What about the price structure? It is low entry but high maintenance, for example, $7 for the first month and then $37/mth thereafter? Or perhaps it’s high entry but low maintenance, for example, $197 to sign up, $9/mth thereafter? Different strategies have their pros and cons and they will cater to different niche.
One good strategy is to have different pricing packages. A low-end package that targets those with little budget and a high-end package for the rich. In any niche, there will be people who are willing to may more for extras. This is the group of people who will make you rich.
5. Break down the various components of the new website
Let’s do a quick summary. Now you’ve got a business idea that has some attractive USP, feasible traffic sources and you know exactly how to make money out of it. Next step is to break down the website into various components. You may have a main product component, a traffic generation component (which may include a blog, a referral system and a viral system), a payment component (perhaps a Paypal integration system) and a support system.
If possible, you may want to purchase a ready-made script that come with everything you need except the product component. Products like membership-site scripts, e-commerce scripts can be purchased for a couple of hundred bucks and all you need to do is to prepare the product and you are ready to go. If you are getting such a script, make sure that you get one that come with the source code, i.e. the script should not be encrypted. As your business grows, you will almost certainly see a need to modify the script or do further customization.
6. Work the hell out of it
Once you know what is needed for your new website, the next step is to work.
2 things can lessen your workload:
i) Ready-made script, which I already explained earlier,
ii) Outsourcing – get one or more freelancers to work with you.
The challenge in using 3rd party solutions is integration. If you are technically savvy, it will be easy. But if you are new, treat it as a learning curve. I’m not trained as a programmer, but I learnt about web programming from those scripts I purchased and the programmers I worked with. The process is fun if you ask me.
7. Set up a checklist for the  product
Towards the end of the development process, you should prepare a checklist and monitor what has been done and what is outstanding. It’s basically project management.
8. Testing, testing and testing
Remember, programmers are only good in programming. It is your responsibility to make sure that the program works under all kinds of scenarios. Even for purchased scripts, I often found bugs in them.
There is no shortcut to testing. You literally have to walk through every inch of your website as a user and try every possible option to make sure that it works. The testing process may be boring, but it is necessary.
9. Product launch
Finally your website is ready.
Assuming you have your traffic strategies all planned out, what you need to do is just execute your plan accordingly. Assuming you have a good product USP, the product should hit a home run. It’s as simple as that!  http://trackr.leadsleap.com/73yb3m33